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Ultra Courage

Launching a brand to inspire others to benefit from a more active lifestyle

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Fuelled by an obsession with our own image, the health and fitness industry has continued to boom. But all too often such businesses prey on our insecurities and apply a one size fits all approach rather than being more considered and relevant to our individual needs.

Michelle Yates discovered running a little over 10 years ago having never been overly keen on sports and fitness. Like many people, Michelle quickly discovered the potential of exercise to positively influence other aspects of her life and continued to enquire how fitness, nutrition and wellbeing could support her mental and physical health.

A trained healthcare professional and now ultra marathon runner, Michelle has decided there's a need for a new kind of personal training service. One which cuts through all the superficial fitness service proposition, instead offering impartial advice tailored specifically to each clients' circumstances. I've been working with Michelle to begin this journey, developing a meaningful and well balanced proposition to take to her local market.



Meaningful motivation

Ultra Courage speaks directly to you the individual, designed to be both challenging and inspiring but with a real sense of meaning and purpose to look after your best interests. This is not a brand interested in quick fixes that rarely exist, Michelle believes sensible and sustained changes to fitness, nutrition and wellbeing are the key to long-term health benefits.

My objective for the brand was to deliver the hook which would speak to our desire to make a change, but to back that up with a more meaningful and considered design language that would introduce and educate our audience on the option to consider how our long-term lifestyle choices directly inform our health and wellbeing.


For the long-run

Whilst the service primarily focusses on individual training plans for exercise and fitness, Ultra Courage will always be about understanding as much about each person as possible in order to inform the physical training, but also how other changes in lifestyle including diet and nutrition can positively life as a whole. And helping clients to make sustained change is where the brand really demonstrates a commitment to wellbeing.


If you're on the South coast, why not connect with Michelle to find out more about her personal training or fitness classes.

Or if you'd like to know more about this project or my work, get in touch.

Gavin AutyStrategy, Design