Revolutionising rehabilitation

A unique range of fitness machines that replicate the bodies natural range of motion in order to support joints and muscles, allow people to exercise through their injury and aid rehabilitation. I partnered with Thomond to help founder and inventor Doug Higgins and his team evolve the brand and messaging in order to present the product to new industries and set it up for future expansion across multiple markets.


Movement is life

The MuJo products are remarkable achievements of modern engineering, highly complex and precise, they've taken Doug years to perfect and develop. But amongst the engineering complexities lies a beautiful simplicity; these products simply help people move. It was here we found our 'why' and the emotional message that would underpin the brand and our proposition to market: 'Movement is life'.


Down to business

Great ideas are only ever that unless they gain the traction needed to generate revenue. I needed to design a brand that quickly communicated the emotion and narrative behind the brand alongside the practicality of a new product concept that could speak to multiple industries simultaneously. We designed a visual identity that could be broken apart to represent communicate to each industry specifically but which also worked in harmony with the top-level brand creative.


If you'd like to know more about the MuJo systems or have any questions on the brand work we did, feel free to get in touch.

Gavin AutyStrategy, Design