The business of digital technology

Technology has this amazing potential to streamline operations, free up resources and take away time-intensive tasks. Technology has the ability to improve efficiencies, add valuable insights, increase reliability and ultimately contribute to a smoother, more profitable business. But many businesses lack the time, knowledge or resource to understand and implement such tactics.

I partnered with Cotidia founder and lead developer, Guillaume Piot to understand how he uses digital technologies to make a clear difference to his clients' businesses; and even their lives. We needed a clear, straight-talking and non-technical market position to cut through the jargon and the noise.


Cotidie = Every day

As a business owner and developer, Guillaume Piot understands the challenges of running a business. Having built several internal digital systems to streamline working practices, he soon realised how much every other business in the world could utilise digital technologies to support their each and every day.

To tackle the mundane, the inefficient, the unreliable and unprofitable organisational operations by understanding, planning and implementing bespoke systems which not only work in harmony with the organic flow of the business, but which improve and add value to the whole operation, including the bottom-line.


Branding digital tech

There’s tons of digital and web development agencies in the UK market. Loads, everywhere. But whilst some of them are I’m sure excellent at providing similar solutions, many of them don’t quite understand the need to talk in simple business terms; to business owners who very often are not experts at understanding or implementing technology. In developing a brand positioning to take to market, we needed to keep things very simple:

We're a digital application partner to better, faster, smarter businesses.


I developed a brand messaging framework underpinned with a new brand purpose: ‘Everyday, re-imagined’. This set the tone and narrative for the brand, designed to present the excitement and possibility of utilising the latest technologies to drive business efficiencies. Equally communicating the brands reliable, accurate and logical use of digital to power and fuel daily business operations.


Better, faster & smarter business

A better, faster, smarter business is one which is able to harness the power of technology, of devices, of data and of applications to improve the insight, capability, productivity and ultimately the bottom-line of the business. We wanted to really clarify the opportunities on the table whilst educating and without intimidating potential clients.

We’ve begun working to take our message to market, increasingly supported by case studies that tangibly demonstrate how Cotidia’s skills are making a real and tangible difference to businesses.


If you think Cotidia could help your business, get in touch with Guillaume. Or if you'd like to know more about the project from my side, say hello.

Gavin AutyStrategy, Design