Brand & Design Consultant in London

Your brand is not what you say.
It's what they say.

My business is brand. And I believe it's those who understand and harness the strategy of brand who are giving themselves a fighting chance of real success.

My approach is structured and methodical in terms of designing the right process for each challenge. And although I work independently, I have a fantastic network of experienced strategists and creatives who I work with.



1. Brand Positioning

  • Landscape Analysis
  • Market Insight
  • Audience Research
  • Business & product naming
  • Business purpose & vision


2. Brand Culture

  • Personality & Values
  • Leadership & hierarchy strategy
  • Internal engagement & productivity
  • Innovation
  • Recruitment & Retention Strategy




3. Brand Identity

Your visual and verbal identity express and communicate your brand internally and externally; emotionally and factually. Your identity is a design process that takes the strategy and brings it like in a way that meaningfully and honestly connects with your audience. From visual concept and system to brand marks, logos, communication style and tone of voice. Every brand has their own unique style, it's our collective role to uncover and define it.


4. Brand Comms

When a brand system is defined and understood, this creates a freedom for creative communications to have fun. I help you understand the possibilities for activating your brand and help with the strategic planning. I will oversee the execution of concepts and campaigns.

Comms strategy
Campaign ideas & concepts
NOT social media management


Now more than ever, brand can be the compass, the glue and the fuel for a business. If the powers that be understand 

In this world of multitude and choice, spending the most on TV ads and shouting the loudest no longer cuts it. We as consumers are overwhelmed with choice and are savvy to sales spiel, as a result we can and do demand more from brands.


We live in a world of multitude; we demand and can have pretty much everything now. We have endless amounts of choice in terms of buying decisions, therefore we've become a whole lot more demanding in terms of who we choose to use.

This is having a massive impact on brands. No longer is it simply about 


My service offering has to be versatile and will always be tailored to your needs. But I believe every great brand operates from the inside out in an approach I call 'Life & Soul'.


Is about understanding, refining and nurturing the collective truth; the essence by which the entire organisation emotionally stands on. I believe businesses who operate for more than money carry more purpose, passion and motivation to succeed in the world and I love helping businesses revitalise and live their brand to spark long-term sustainable success. Including:

— Business landscape Analysis
— Brand purpose & positioning
— Brand leadership
— Brand culture & innovation


Bring brands to life in the mind of those who matter by mixing style with substance

— Brand Identity & system
— Physical & digital design
— Brand communication strategy
— Campaign