Brand & Design Consultant in London
I'm Gavin Auty

Design & brand consultant.


I've made it my business to help people and organisations create lasting social, cultural and commercial value by taking a design and brand-led approach to business; building brands that connect with people in more meaningful ways.





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Accelerating the next generation of healthcare.


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Design partner to your business.


I only commit to projects that allow me to get under the skin of your organisation to explore and uncover how we can utilise design to help your brand create more value and make more impact.

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How to use innovation to navigate the complex new world.

Why slow brands can speed things up.

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Good design is good business.


Like some of the worlds most successful businesses, I believe that design is more than visuals. Design is cultural mindset and approach to business which gives your business a better chance to succeed whilst creating more meaning and doing better things to improve peoples lives and positively contribute to the world.


is an holistic approach to the 

I've made it my mission to help others better understand and utilise the power of design to make better, more honest, more conscious brands. Businesses that maximise their contribute to their environment, not just their profit.

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